Smart Nano Semiconductor Characterization System

FR1000 by Fronka Tech

Home–made in-situ FET/MBE system, photoelectrical measurement system in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) with tunable monochromatic light source.

FR1000 is able to conduct in-situ physical properties measurement for nanomaterials. The measuring processes on-site as they are occurring and under changing external stimuli is the paramount goal of in-situ technique with real-timecresponse to the users. Moreover, multiple process can be done within one workstation so that the physical transfer of the sample from one instrument to another can be avoided. The material scope that can be investigated is largely broadenedcto include materials that are easily oxidized upon air exposure.

Fronka Tech is a NUS spin-off company in collaboration with the NUS Industry Liaison Office’s flagship innovation programme GRIP. “Fronka” means “frontier characterization”. We provide advanced characterization solutions for nanomaterial scientists.,

Selected Publications:

  1. "Black Phosphorus Invertor Devices Enabled by in-situ Aluminum Surface Modification"
    Zheng Y, Hu ZH, Han C, Guo R, Xiang D, Lei B, Wang YN, He J, Lai M, Chen Wei*, Nano Res. 12, 531–536 (2019) DOI: 10.1007/s12274-018-2246-y
  2. "Nondestructive Hole Doping Enabled Photocurrent Enhancement of Layered Tungsten Diselenide"
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  3. "Two-dimensional Multi-bit Optoelectronic Memory with Broadband Spectrum Distinction"
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  4. "Abnormal Near-infrared Absorption in two-dimensional Black Phosphorus Induced by Ag Nanoclusters Surface Functionalization" (Selected as Frontispiece Paper)
    Hu ZH, Li Q, Lei B, Wu J, Zhou QH, Gu CD, Wen XL, Wang JY, Liu YP, Li SS, Zheng Y, Lu JP, He J, Wang L, Xiong QH, Wang JL*, Chen Wei*, Adv. Mater. 30, 1801931 (2018) DOI: 10.1002/adma.201801931
  5. "Non-volatile and Programmable Photodoping in MoTe2 for Photoresist-free Complementary Electronic Devices"
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  6. "Direct Observation of Semiconductor-Metal Phase Transition in Bilayer Tungsten Diselenide Induced by Potassium Surface Functionalization"
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  7. "Water-Catalyzed Oxidation of Few-Layer Black Phosphorous in Dark Environment"
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  10. "Largely Enhanced Optoelectronic Performance of Tungsten Diselenide Phototransistor via Surface Functionalization"
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  13. "Gap States Assisted MoO3 Nanobelt Photodetector with Wide Spectrum Response"
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  14. "Electron-Doping-Enhanced Trion Formation in Monolayer Molybdenum Disulfide Functionalized with Cesium Carbonate"
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  15. "Plasmonic Enhancement of Photocurrent in MoS2 Field-Effect-Transistor"
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