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1. UHV surface science systems

Home-made XPS/UPS/LEED/OMBD system for organic/inorganic hybrid interfaces

XPS/UPS/LEED/MBE system (home-built, S13-01-08)

Near ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Unisoku Low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy

2.Optoelectronic measurement systems 

Home –made in-situ FET/MBE system, photoelectrical measurement system in UHV with tunable monochromatic light source

3.  Photocatalysis evaluation systems

Solar simulator, Agilent GC system, UV-Vis system, electrochemical photocurrent system

Agilent GC 7890A UV-Vis system

Electrochemical photocurrent system Solar simulator


4.  Electrochemical systems and Li-air battery testers

Auto-lab, CHI, battery tester, Li-Air battery assemble systems, glove box

Ar-filled glove box for Li-air battery research Autolab electrochemistry workstation system

Battery test system

Accessible Facilities under  Prof. Andrew T. S. Wee


Omicron Low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy (L-He: 5K or L-N2: 77K) operated with Nanonis controller, with MBE chamber equipped with E-beam evaporators, K-cells, sputter gun, LEED

2. SINS beamline endstation with Prof. Andrew T. S. Wee

Surface, Interface and Nanostructure Science (SINS) beamline, Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS)

  1. Dragon type grating: 50-1200 eV
  2.  Scienta R4000 hemispherical energy analyzer: 0-2000 eV
  3.  STM + LEED + MBE system with 3 e-beam evaporators and 2 K-cell, PES (UPS + XPS) NEXAFS + RPES

3. XPS/UPS system with Prof. Andrew T. S. Wee


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